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Clothing update

It appears that I’ve reached the point where my glutes and quads have grown past what pants are designed for. The 28″ Bonobos fit great around the waist but were too tight on the thighs. The 30″ Bonobos fit great around the legs and thighs but the waist was a bit too loose. I took […]

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My awesome tailor

I’ve mentioned that I bought a great suit from Michael Andrews Bespoke before. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that when I ordered my first set of shirts, the first version that came in wasn’t quite right. It fit better than any shirt I’d ever worn before, but apparently it has some ill-fittingness that I […]

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My friend Laurel found me this web site a couple months back. I recently ordered from them a pair of jeans and a shirt, and I’m very happy. A large portion of my casual clothes shopping issue is resolved! This place is really good. Their prices are spectacular. The clothing quality/style is not at a […]

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Fit clothing for fit people UPDATE

I posted earlier about my trouble getting clothes that fit. Here is my update. I’ve been able to find some belts. I scored a nice 30″ belt from Kenneth Cole. However, it seems to no longer be available in 30″. I also found another more casual belt from Levis, a “Roller Buckle Belt”, also 30″. […]

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Fit clothing for fit people

OK, so we’re all aware that Americans are fat. Now that doesn’t really bother me so much, except for the nausea that sometimes results from a particular specimen. However, one problem I’ve noticed is that it prevents me from finding clothes that fit. Most people are fat, so the clothes that are sold are designed […]

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