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Overhead Squat 3-3-3-3-3

Hm very frustrating this morning. My shoulders are getting worse, not better. Managed a tiny PR with the OHS, up to 105 from 100, but wasn’t even able to do the 15 lb db presses with fully open shoulders. argh. 85/95/105/115×2/115×0 DB press 5×5 25/20/15/15/15 K2E 2×8 Skin the cat: 2×5 Some DU practice.

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One Year of CrossFit

Today marks the one year anniversary of my first starting CrossFit, at CrossFit Phoenix. I remember calling Scott last year and he said, come on by this evening! So I showed up and he and Alisha gave me what I needed. I showed up and met Jeff and Kristy, and we did our first class […]

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WOD 04/27/09

5 Rounds For time of: 10 Mid Hang Power Cleans, 115 lbs 15 Wall Ball Shots, 20 lbs rx’d weight was 135. 115 was sufficient for me. 17:00. Was concerned I wouldn’t be able to maintain good ten foot targets on the wallball, but I did good on that in sets of 5. Cleans felt […]

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Get thee to the ropery

Assuming this testimony is a correct rendition of what happened we have: 1. Two or more people who were conspiring together. 2. Who each individually and collectively knew what they were doing required disclosure under the law. 3. Who conspired together to block that disclosure and allegedly issued threats to Mr. Lewis to achieve that […]

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Hang ‘Em High

Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis: Let the Criminal Indictments Begin: Paulson, Bernanke, Lewis. Mish gets on the indictments bandwagon. His point however is not about forcing non-disclosure of material information to shareholders, but about forcing the merger with Merrill to go through under threat of removing the CEO and Board. Since when does the Treasury […]

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June 2002 Set

There are some discontinuities here because as I noted earlier, the CD I ripped this from was kind of scratched. So the last tracks are missing, and a track in the middle is missing, and some tracks are in mono. (But I think both channels have audio, it is just the one channel copied.)

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Some old sets

LiveDJs: Acid Techno! Feels pretty cheesy these days, but it’s still fun music! Local 510 Busted, Jan 2001 This was what I had planned to play at the Local 510 party that was shut down within minutes of starting. I then used it as my promo disc for my tour around Eastern Europe in 2001. […]

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Paulson and Bernanke: Indictment Time? – The Market Ticker. Under normal circumstances, banks must alert their shareholders of any materially significant financial hits. But these weren’t normal times: Late last year, Wall Street was crumbling and BofA faced intense government pressure to buy Merrill to keep the crisis from spreading. Disclosing losses at Merrill — […]

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I forgot to add an important detail to that last post. This morning I got my first double-under! No linking together or anything like that, but it is a start. Now I can actually do double-under WODs as rx’d. It might take me forever, but I can do them. Interesting is that this morning David […]

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WOD 4.23.09

Today I was not looking forward to doing last night’s push press workout. Thankfully, David had another form of abuse on the agenda for us. 7 rounds 0:15 Deadlift 225# 0:45 Rest 0:15 Box Jump 0:45 Rest After three rounds the periods changed to 0:20/0:40 Total reps: Deadlifts: 49 Boxjumps: 87

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