The Difference

winnersThe Difference

The above-linked article chronicles the story of James Hobart and Stacey Kroon, the two winners of the Northeast Qualifiers. The thing that really impressed me about these two amazing specimens of the human form is how low-key they both are. While there was a great deal of ripped-ness and big guy posturing at the event, and women who were skinny as hell with zero percent body-fat, our two champions, James and Stacey, look like normal people. Not just normal, but down to earth regular folk. You’d never know from running into them on the street that they are both absolute beasts. During the qualifier I noticed a great deal of unhealthy bad form, and I hoped that these people don’t train like that every day. CrossFit, for me, is about extending my lifespan, but for a number of these competitors it appears that they have chosen winning today as a priority over living a long healthy life. I have no problem with that, as people are free to make their own choices. I did not see James and Stacey during their workouts so I can’t comment on how healthy their form is, but from just looking at them, I get the impression that they have not had to make the tradeoff between winning and longevity. They are real champions.

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