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Which Would You Rather Melt: Your Ice Cream or the Planet | GOOD

Last month, The Times of London reported that Unilever, the world’s largest producer of ice cream (of which Ben & Jerry’s is a division), wants to develop an ice cream that can be shipped and stored at room temperature, in an effort to curb transportation and refrigeration costs. The climate change-friendly ice cream would reduce […]

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Hello Smoot. Hello Hawley.

President Obama Subsidizes President Obama with Tire Tariff | Cato @ Liberty. I am posting a lot today. I guess I am fairly pissed off. Anyway, looks like it is about time to sell the rest of my equities. I sold a lot of my equities at the bottom of the market but I figured […]

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Where are the cops?

Rotten ACORNs Don’t Fall Far From The Tree – The Market Ticker. Where are the cops folks? Have we descended into such a sea of lawlessness in this nation with all the bankster bailouts and hiding of “white collar” scams and frauds through the use of taxpayer funds that the apparent suborning of not only […]

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The great pacific garbage dump

Recently I heard about this “great pacific garbage dump”, a phenomenon that is happening in the North Pacific Gyre, an area of the North Pacific where the currents are such that things collect there and don’t disperse. Apparently this “great pacific garbage dump” is twice the size of Texas. When googling for the great pacific […]

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The CrossFit Tent

What we shouldn’t have room for, however, is the attitude that sometimes creeps in: The attitude that says that only some of us matter, that CrossFit is really only about (and for) firebreathers. You know what I’m talking about — the idea that only elite perfomance matters. It’s not a pretty sight, but I’ve seen […]

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