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Floor Press

Floor Press Advanced/Intermediate: 3-3-3-3-3 95-105-115-125-135 The Floor Press is essentially a Bench Press minus the actual bench.  At the bottom of each rep, there will be a momentary pause before locking the bar out over the chest. The pause at the bottom of a Floor Press does two things; firstly it removes the stretch reflex normally present in Bench […]

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Saturday Deadlift Fun

Deadlift (reference 1RM = 315) 65%x5 – 185 75%x5 – 215 85%x5 – 240 then, 4 Rounds NFT 20 Goblet Squats – 1pd 5 Strict Chin Up (C2B)

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Day 2

Day 2 of new life. 8am class again! Press I used a 100 1RM so training max was 90# got 76.5 for 6 reps. That last rep was pretty bad though. Wod: also a total shitshow. 20# for 14:53 or something like that.

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My new life begins

8am Crossfit this morning! My new life begins. Did Wendler cycle using my old 1RM of 271, so training max was 243.9 Back Squat 65%x5 – 160 75%x5 – 185 85%x5+- 210 (8) then, 8 20 Second Rounds for reps of: Power Cleans (85) Rest 40s  50 reps

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