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One billion people

Print Story: Nobel Prize winner Norman Borlaug dies at 95 – Yahoo! News. Normal Borlaug saved a billion lives. Now he is gone. But one billion more live.

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More monetary scammage

Freedom Mint – Catalog – Barter. I posted earlier about the “Liberty Dollar”. Here we have another “money scam.” It’s of course not an actual scam in that it isn’t actually fraudulent, but we have people selling 1 oz silver rounds with Ron Paul on them. Oh hm, let me look at this, I wonder […]

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I heart NY

Mercatus Center at George Mason University – Freedom in the 50 States: An Index of Personal and Economic Freedom.

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Integrity on Wall Street.

The members include three funds associated with Schultze Asset Management; Stairway Capital Management; Oppenheimer, which holds debt in two funds; Group G Partners, which has holdings in two funds; and Foxhill Capital Partners. via Meet the Chrysler Holdouts – DealBook Blog –

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Banana republic: USA

Violate your fiduciary responsibility to your shareholders or we will cut your pay. When will the shareholder lawsuits against the TARP banks start? Maybe they haven’t started because they realize it is pointless. That Obama will just force the shareholders to drop the lawsuit, for fear of their tax rates going up to 90% if […]

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Get thee to the ropery

Assuming this testimony is a correct rendition of what happened we have: 1. Two or more people who were conspiring together. 2. Who each individually and collectively knew what they were doing required disclosure under the law. 3. Who conspired together to block that disclosure and allegedly issued threats to Mr. Lewis to achieve that […]

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Hang ‘Em High

Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis: Let the Criminal Indictments Begin: Paulson, Bernanke, Lewis. Mish gets on the indictments bandwagon. His point however is not about forcing non-disclosure of material information to shareholders, but about forcing the merger with Merrill to go through under threat of removing the CEO and Board. Since when does the Treasury […]

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Paulson and Bernanke: Indictment Time? – The Market Ticker. Under normal circumstances, banks must alert their shareholders of any materially significant financial hits. But these weren’t normal times: Late last year, Wall Street was crumbling and BofA faced intense government pressure to buy Merrill to keep the crisis from spreading. Disclosing losses at Merrill — […]

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Weird psychology of buying gold

By that I mean people who don’t buy mutual funds or stocks or anything but usually keep their money in cash are seeking safety in gold. It could also be that people have grown weary of invisible electronic investments that send their money off somewhere to potentially vanish. With the Dow falling so hard, and […]

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